Triggers are events that may be slightly or directly similar to the original trauma that stimulates this implicit memory. When the traumatic memory is triggered, the brain returns to this state of semi-paralysis and then disassociation. This becomes a vicious-trauma-cycle repeating itself over and over.

EMDR is a natural, specialized therapy that through the focus of your attention on the simple movement of hand ,light or a hand held buzzing device allows you to build new neuro-pathways between the two hemispheres of your brain. It interrupts the trauma cycle and enables the cerebral cortex, the logic center of the brain, to process the negative event. The entire system realizes that the traumatic event is long since passed and is no longer a threat.

EMDR is effective in treating other issues such as:

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This is dissociation. The dissociative state may last momentarily or for an extended period of time, storing the traumatic event in what is known as implicit memory. In implicit memory, the event is locked up but can be triggered and re-experienced in the body, emotions, incomplete pictures, smells and sounds.

You can break free from Your traumatic past !

• Simple & Complex Trauma

• Anxiety 

• Relationship dysfunction
• Depression
• Phobias

At Creative Counseling, Inc., Dallas, Texas, we have a specialist trained in EMDR (eye movement desensitization reprocessing) to eliminate the effects of trauma. EMDR is a cutting-edge treatment found to be effective at resolving the PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) symptoms in 80% of trauma victims. For more information, go to:

 When trauma is experienced the brain resorts to a survival mode and pumps the body with adrenaline to aid in coping by way of fight, flight, freeze, appease or collapse. In doing so, the logic center of the brain is placed in a semi-paralysis or pause state, in an attempt to shut out the negative experience. 

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