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The desire for love . . . Too often we do not know how to find love or keep it when we do. The love we want is pushed away by the way we live our lives. With loss or absence of love, feelings of anger, sadness, anxiety, and loneliness overwhelm us. In our efforts to avoid these negative feelings, we develop “issues.” These issues manifest in us as self-destructive behaviors that insulate and distract us from uncomfortable feelings. These destructive behaviors momentarily enable us to avoid discomfort, but ultimately prevent us from experiencing the very thing we seek most -- Love. 
Love abounds, yet we hold it at bay by persistently searching for someone or something, we think will deliver it to us. We create relationships, which at first seem fulfilling; however, when the conflict begins we often respond with poor coping skills perpetuating the problem. Using poor coping skills, we push or pull at others to get the attention we expected. Unintentionally, we unintentionally alienate ourselves from others and feel lonely. 

At Creative Counseling, Inc., you will learn skills that make love possible in your life. 
We will teach you how to develop healthy boundaries and break the vicious cycle of loneliness.

Creative Counseling, Inc., provides services via couple, group or individual counseling sessions.

Creative Counseling, Inc., is located in North Dallas and has been serving others through counseling and psychotherapy since 1989. 

At Creative Counseling, Inc.,  we take the perspective that you are not working on your relationship, but that your relationship is working on creating the best you.  

​Welcome to Creative Counseling, I am Kris White, and I want to help you. Whether your challenges have to do with relationships, personal issues, or a traumatic past, I am here. As a caring counselor, attentive listener, and professional guide with over 30 years of experience, I will work with you to help you find a creative, healing resolution.

• Depression
• Anxiety
• Over Eating disorder
• Trauma (PTSD)
• Love/sex/pornography addiction
• Individual, couple and family therapy 


"You can get on the road to recovery, discover who you really are and create the relationships you want." -Kris


Enrich Your Life. 

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Trauma does not have to rule your life and infect every decision you make.  You can get past your past. Hope is created by discovering who you really are.