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  • Do you find yourself snacking between meals?

  • Are you not particularly hungry, but you eat anyway?

  • Do you at times eat out of boredom or nervousness?

  • Do you find yourself hiding particular foods and eating in secret?

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How many times have you told yourself that you need to lose weight? 

Do you find yourself in an endless loop of gaining and losing weight? Yo

The problem is that overeating is not caused by the physical makeup of our body. In reality, our body is happiest with the optimal amount of healthy calories. We cannot treat this issue with trying to fix the body with diets, drugs or surgery. These are temporary solutions at best.

The cure lies in your mind. To be more precise the cure is to change your mind.

I found both personally and professionally overeating is a symptom of a need to avoid emotions that are unpleasant. Often we are not fully conscious of what drives us to overeat. Despite all our efforts with diet, drugs, exercise, these emotions still drive us and sabotage all our efforts.

Here at Creative Counseling, I will help you find the source of that drives the overeating. In essence, I will help you change your mind about you and your relationship to food and segnificantly reduce the urges that drive you to overeat.

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How many times have you told yourself that you need to lose weight? You start a “diet." With some success, you lose a few pounds only to find that when you stop your “diet,” you gain it all back plus a little extra for good measure. To some of us, this seems like an endless loop. At some point, we tell ourselves, “I just love food,” or “I can lose it when I want to." We may look at alternatives such as the various surgical procedures that promise the “cure.”